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To avoid unnecessary work, get a manual from the parts store or AUTOPARTSONLINE.COM

I just changed mine and trust me it wasn't easy. To begin with you have to disassemble the powersteering pump. Then you have to take the whole front of the motor apart basically. I took off the front motor mount so I could jack the motor for easy access to the timing cover which had to be removed. Lots of things have to come off just to get to the water pump including the valve cover. Have fun doing it but it takes at least 5 hours if you are an ok mechanic.

I don't see the prob. with the change, according to my book it's the same as my 93 and it took me approx. an hour to an hour and a half...I left a rather detailed answer on the 93 question...


Well I just did mine also and there is no way anyboby can do it in 1 hour or 2 for that matter. The man hrs for just the timing belt alone calls for 2.6 hrs.

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Q: How do you replace the water pump on a 1995 Ford Probe?
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