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To remove and replace the water pump, do the following:

Tools you'll need

1.) Goggles (cost is about $2.50, what is your sight worth to ya?) 2.) Mechanics Gloves (the thin ones that give you the most dexterity) 3.) Socket and wrench kit (Wal-Mart has a cheap one for $20, all you need) 4.) Two screwdrivers, regular and flathead 5.) 4 gallons antifreeze 6.) Shop light (once again, Wal-Mart has a great halogen kit for $30)

Parts you'll need

1.) Water pump 2.) Water pump gasket (don't listen to dorks, you only need gasket, no sealer) 3.) Lower and Upper radiator hose (Optional; However, this is a good idea unless you don't got another $20) 4.) Teflon tape 5.) Serpentine belt (Optional; However, you got the old one off, why not?)

Things to know before you start

1.) Make sure the engine is cool and has not been running. 2.) Have shop rags handy to clean up any spilled antifreeze (IMPORTANT) 3.) Remember which bolts go where! 4.) I've tried to sequence the steps the best I could, but you may find that you can do this procedure slightly different. I recommend printing this out and walking over the steps while looking under the hood of your Jeep.


1.) Drain all anti-freeze from the radiator into a container and safely dispose of the radiator fluid. This can be done by turning or removing the radiator drain valve located at the bottom corner of the radiator facing the firewall of the jeep. Make sure to remove the radiator filler-cap. Don't be a jerk and dump antifreeze on the ground or around the corner, this stuff is not safe for humans or animals. If you�re a cheap bastard like me, then you can actually recycle the antifreeze if it still looks good. However, I recommend purchasing four gallons of antifreeze at Wal-Mart, should be as cheap as $4.50 per gallon.

2.) Remove the Fan Shroud from the radiator (round plastic thing that focuses air to the radiator). You may need to actually remove the radiator to get clearance to remove the fan shroud.

3.) If you have to remove the radiator, make sure to disconnect the lower and upper radiator hoses from the radiator, Also, disconnect the automatic transmission (ATF) lines from the radiator, if equipped. Hmm, you may need to take the front grill off and definitely the top cross member that the hood-lock is attached too. There are two bolts behind the grill holding the radiator and A/C radiator together. Once you remove the two bolts, you will be able to slide the radiator away from the A/C radiator. Take care in doing this, because the copper lines for the A/C are not flexible, and the cost of A/C repair is horrendous.

4.) With the fan shroud removed, you should have the room to remove the four bolts connecting the Fan clutch and blades to the water pump. The fan clutch and blades should remove as an assembly. The water pump pulley will also come off relieving tension on the serpentine belt.

5.) Unbolt the power-steering pump from the water pump, and remove the serpentine belt. This is a good time to inspect the belt to see if it needs to be replaced. Check the belt for cracks and wear. A belt should only cost between $20 and $60, depending on the brand and quality. The $20 belt is fine in my book. The power-steering pump can simply be pushed aside to give you room to work, no need to completed disconnect it.

6.) Remove the idler pulley, which is the small round pulley obstructing the removal of the water pump.

7.) Disconnect the heater hose that is connected to the water pump. You may have to disconnect at the rubber end, because the connection at the pump is a molded steel connection, and won't come off while the pump is still bolted-on.

8.) Remove the bolts from the water pump, while taking care to remember which bolts go where. I recommend placing the bolts in the corresponding holes of the new water pump, because you WILL forget!


1.) Clean the mating surfaces of the engine and water pump with a razor so there is a good seal between the engine and pump.

2.) Apply the new gasket to the pump and bolt the new pump to the engine. Take care to align the gasket correctly, because the last thing you want to do is this procedure again, once you have the engine back together.

3.) Bolt everything back on in reverse order from the steps to removing the pump.

4.) Make sure you have adequate tension on the serpentine belt. There should only be about one inch of flex on the belt between the water pump pulley and power-steering pump.

I , because I couldn't find similar information when I needed it. Remember, my answer may not be all inclusive, and I could have easily forgotten a few steps. However, this should be enough information for you to successfully fumble your way through replacing your water pump!

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Q: How do you replace the water pump on a 1995 Jeep Wrangler?
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