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The water pump is behind the cover that the serpentine belt runs under(?) to make with the spinning of the fan. Remove the plastic fan cover, remove the fan blade, the cover slips right off and the water pump is right there.

I seem to remember having to remove the Power Steering pump and loosening the alternator to get the belt off.

Also most likely a new water pump will not come with the studs to mount the fan. If it is anything like mine, the studs will not come off the old one easily, if at all. Your best bet will be to pick up a new set of studs at the same time, if for no other reason then to save a trip to the store when you have half your engine lying around outside the vehicle.

GENERAL IDEAYou should ask your local mechanic exactly how to do it. When the water pump failed on my 1995 Jeep YJ 4.0 Liter, my mechanic told me that the water pump was almost always behind the radiator, or near it.

I dont think you have to take the radiator out, but the water pump should be visible directly behind it.

This is not a direct awnser, so I hope someone else can clarify this for you.


Get the Chilton's or Haynes manual for your year range, usually somewhere near $25 and follow the instructions. If you're going to risk messing the whole works up, at least know the proper step by step way to do it. It's a great investment for the next time when something else goes wrong. True story, changing a water pump on a road trip and one of the bolts was badly rusted and sheared off. Two days later and hotel and repair shop and we were on our way, $500 or so poorer for a water pump that cost $40. If I had looked at the manual I would have known not to try that oddly positioned bolt on the bottom and gone straight to a shop, possibly saving all the hassles of destroying it myself first.

Seeing though that this time I've got a bad pump on my 93 Wrangler, I'm going to look at the manual when I get home and see how easy or difficult a job I'm looking at. $40 pump, $12 radiator hose (bottom), $20 - $35 serpentine belt (the old one looks rough) do it myself, or save myself the hassle and take it to my trusted jeep mechanic and throw down $200 or so. I might just save myself the hassle as I can drive it there now.

We'll know tomorrow with the hose replacement. If the leak stops it wasn't a bad pump after all, was it?

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Q: How do you replace the water pump on a 1995 Jeep Wrangler 4 cylinder manual transmission?
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