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This is for a 93 Z34 3.4, I believe the front cover is the same for both engines, making the water pumps identical. REMOVAL: Drain the cooling system into a suitable container. Slightly loosen the four 10mm bolts holding the water pump pulley in place. Take note of the way the accessory belt is routed. Use a large wrench to rotate the belt tensioner away from the belt. Remove the accessory belt. Carefully release the tensioner. Remove the bolts holding the water pump pulley in place and remove the pulley. Remove the water pump housing bolts and extract the water pump. Have a bucket handy in case anymore coolant comes out when you pull of the pump.

INSTALLATION: Install the new water pump with a suitable sealer on the gasket. Tighten the mounting bolts. Make sure the pump shaft spins as easily as it did when it wasn't installed. If it is binding, take it off and figure out why. Attach the pulley and firmly hand tighten the pulley bolts. Line up the accessory belt and rotate the tensioner to get it fully on. Release the tensioner. Now make sure to fully tighten the pulley mounting bolts. Start the car, let it warm up to operating temp and check for leaks. You're done!

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Q: How do you replace the water pump on a 1996 Chevy Monte Carlo Z34 3.4L?
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