How do you replace the water pump on a 1997 Chevy van?

It is pretty easy but you can mess it up so get a manual on your truck from the parts store which will help on the next repair.

Added info: My manual was incorrect on how to get the fan off the water pump. I'm not sure if the 97 is the same as a 1999 and 2000, but I think it is. First thing is to take off the air filter "box"and radiator overflow tank. Then the plastic fan shroud. Then you should be able to get to everything. Your local auto parts store should have a special tool to hold the fan pully while you loosen the big nut that goes on the front of the water pump (look at the new water pump to determine if the threads are right or left hand threads so you know which way to turn the nut to loosen). Once you get the fan and clutch off the water pump, then it's pretty straight forward. One thing is you must have new gaskets when putting on the new water pump. These gaskets will want to fall off when you try to put the pump on (a real pain in the butt). Buy some of the gasket maker stuff that is made for waterpumps/theromostat housings and use on the gaskets to hold in place.