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Water pump replacement on the 98 requires a special air tool. You need a fan removal tool which requires an air hammer. If you try without it you will bust your knuckles. The fan pully can't be held by typical fan removal tools so you need the air tool. Save the money on bandages for your busted knuckles and buy the tool. The manual says you should remove the shroud to get the fan out, but I managed to get it out without removing the shroud.

I would also recommend using an air ratchet to remove the water pump bolts. There is a lot of stuff in the front and not a lot of room so not having to move your hand really helps. The next problem is the heater hose outlet. It's a hard pipe that comes off the water pump. Use a torch to remove it. Reinstall it on the water pump using the o-ring and as much copper form-a-gasket as you can get in there. You don't want it to leak or blow steam. Past those problems it's a typical water pump change. Make sure you get a paper gasket and liberally apply the aforementioned form-a-gasket to seal the paper gasket. You don't want to have to do it twice.

Lastly, when reassembling the system, make sure the heater hose outlet is firmly attached to the engine with the bolt on clip. Do not leave the clip unattached because the pressure in the system will be sufficient to blow it out. Second degree burns are no fun and anti-freeze is ten dollars a gallon. Don't burn yourself and your paycheck by trying to save a step.

I you folks.

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Q: How do you replace the water pump on a 1998 Dodge van 5.2L?
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