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How do you replace the water pump on a Subaru Impreza?


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2016-06-23 17:14:01
2016-06-23 17:14:01

Start by removing cover to timing belt, before removing belt, mark with paint marker the exact spot where the timing pulley has marks, remove belt, and tension pulley, then undo the 6 bolts to water-pump, after removing the hoses and clamps, install new gasket after cleaning where old one was, then install new pump, and new hoses if needed(if not use old ones), then re-install tension pulley, and(GREAT TIME TO REPLACE TIMING BELT) timing belt making sure that the marks you made line up with the timing marks on pulley, then re-install the timing cover, fill with anti-freeze, run until thermostat opens to release air in lines, then top off anti-freeze, and drive car, check for leaks repeatedly during drive and after drive, if no leaks, then you're good to go!


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