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How do you replace the weatherstripping in a 1983 ford truck?

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If you want to replace the weatherstripping on a 1983 Ford truck you can go to a professional or you can make it by yourself by following some useful steps. Clean the windshield with glass cleaner and paper towels to prevent dirt from getting into the new weatherstripping. Lift up each windshield wiper until it locks in place.

Remove the wiper blade nuts and washers with a wrench. Pull off the wiper arms and set aside. Put the weatherstripping removal tool between the windshield and the trim on the outside of the truck. Work the tool around the entire perimeter of the windshield. Press the new weatherstripping trim over the edge of the windshield using your thumb. Use the weatherstripping removal tool to push it in place.

2011-03-05 18:28:01
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To replace weatherstripping on 1995 Ford Taurus you can for instance go to the mechanic or if you want to do it yourself here are some helpful steps: remove your old weatherstripping by pulling off with a pliers or razor blade knife. Remember to scrape off any old glue. After that spread a thin layer of glue from the weatherstripping kit onto both the door frame and the weatherstripping and allow glue to dry.

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It depends on whether you are willing to do the work yourself, or are going to pay someone else to do it for you. If you are a diy, it will cost you for the weatherstripping, which Iwould get either from JC Whitney or your local Ford dealer. INSTALL ALL NEW WEATHERSTRIPPING. If you pay for it to be done, it will cost you parts and labor, which can be rather expensive. Word of caution, if you have never installed weatherstripping before, don't do it yourself, as you have a possibility of a leaky result.

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