Mercury Cougar

How do you replace the wheel bearings on a 2000 Mercury Cougar?

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September 12, 2011 9:07PM

i just did that myself and it was a pain in the ass. if i were doing it again i would just take it in. but if u want to know

1. lift vehicle, remove wheel

2. remove caliper and rotor

3. remove abs sensor

4. remove axle shaft nut

5. remove tie rod end

6. separate the lowerball joint from the knuckle.

7. remove the knuckle from the strut

8. remove snap ring from inside of knuckle

9 pull out hub

10. press out bearing. this is where i ran into trouble i have a set of bearing drivers and i tried pounding the bearing out. this did not work. so i brought the knuckle to the place that had given me estimates of doing the job, they tried pressing it out, couldn't get it, soaked it for the night and pressed it the next day and still couldn't get it to budge. took it to about 4 other shops and the 5th shop finally had the balls to torch it out. all the other shops thought the would warp it by torching it but when the 5th shop did it was fine.

11. take the empty knuckle home and install new bearing.

12 put everything back on