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If your rear brakes are locking up, it may be due to a leaking wheel cylinder or the shoes getting stuck against the dust plate.In case is the leaking wheel cylinder you will need a good flare wrench # 12, a pair of vise grip plyer - in case your brake line does not comes easy, the bolts that holds the wheel cylinder may be a German made one that will require a female torx ( E-8 ). A easy way to replace it requires a torx bit and a metric socket to remove the hub - it will give you some space to inset the new wheel cylinder. It may take a long time to do all the job and you may should consider taking the car to a garage. Good luck. A good web site resorce that you can use is: .

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Q: How do you replace the wheel cylinder and the rear brakes on a 1991 Chevy Cavalier rear is locking up?
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Do you need to replace the cylinder to keep the brakes from locking up?

Possibly, sometimes the brake cylinder develops rust and sticks. If a cylinder has problems I find it easier to replace the whole cylinder or caliper.

How do you fix the rear wheel brakes from locking up?

If the rear wheel brakes are locking up on a vehicle they should be thoroughly checked. The master cylinder may need to be replaced on the car.

Why do rear brakes lockup on olds achieve s?

If drum brakes you probably have a bad wheel cylinder on the side that is locking up.

Front brakes lock up Ford Tempo?

If one side of the brakes is locking then check the caliper. If both sides are locking up then there could be a master cylinder problem. The brakes could also lock up to compensate for the rear brakes not working properly.

Why is your back brakes locking up when you press the brakes on a wet surface like you are pulling the hand brake up?

The brake caliber is sticking if it has rear disc brakes. The rear wheel cylinder is sticking if it has rear drum brakes. Replace both rear units and then drain all the old brake fluid out of the system and replace it with fresh fluid. Bleed the brake system.

No brakes in rear on cavalier?

Drum brakes.

What could be wrong with a 2003 Malibu that seems like the brakes are locking when backing up?

Is it drum brakes? It's time for an inspection unless you just wanna replace the rear brakes yourself.

How much will it cost to replace the rear brakes on a 1998 cavalier z24?

About $20 if you do it yourself. And you should replace the spring kit hardware also.

How do you replace the rear brakes on a 2000 jeep grand cherokee 6-cylinder?

helloo mate get a new car

What causes rear brakes to lock up?

Wheel cylinder (drum brakes) or caliber (disc brakes) sticking. If you find this to be the case you need to replace both sides and replace your brake fluid which is contaminated with moisture.

What is meant by replace brake cylinder repair?

Brake cylinder repair is that wheel cylinder that holds the oil to keep your brakes running smooth on your back brakes. If you don't repair those you will mess up your rotors and your rims.

How do you repair the brakes on a 1992 Chrysler lebaron?

be more specific.. replace pads..?? replace hose..?? repair master cylinder..??

Is it possible to convert abs to standard hydraulic brakes on a 1990 Jeep Laredo?

Yes, replace the brake booster and master cylinder.Yes, replace the brake booster and master cylinder.

Need to know how to replace a master cylinder with abs brakes on a Pontiac grand am?

my husband is trying to replace the master cylinder on a 1994 grand am. he was wondering on how to align the gears for the abs.

94 cavalier have abs brakes?

yes it does have abs brakes

What type of brakes on a 2004 Chevy Cavalier?

Disc brakes

What happens if you press the brakes when a drum is off?

it wont stop. You will very likely push the seals out of the brake cylinder and have to repair or replace it and bleed the brakes

Why do the brakes lock on a 92 Cadillac deville?

bad master cylinder calipers rubber caliper hose and if you have raer drum brakes and the rears are locking the brake shoe are wet from the wheel cyls and you are in grave danger

Why is the brakes locking up when i slow down?

Calibers are sticking. You will need to replace the calibers that are sticking and flush all the old brake fluid out of the system then replace it with fresh fluid.

What causes the brakes to give when i push the brakes the pedal slowly goes down after a few seconds?

Master Cylinder seals are defective. Replace the Master Cylinder ASAP. Stop driving the vehicle until you have this repaired. The brakes can fail completely at any moment.

Why wont the Brakes bleed 1993 Mercury Sable?

did you replace the master cylinder if so it has to be bleed frist

Brake fliuld coming from behid left rearwheelwhen brakes apply Chevrolet Tahoe?

You have a blown / leaking wheel cylinder. Replace wheel cylinder.

What are benefits of antilock brakes?

Keeping the brakes from locking up will allow you to steer out of a situation.

Brakes Chevrolet cavalier?

Brakes of Chevrolet Cavalier may be purchased from Auto Parts Warehouse. These are also available at Andy's Auto Sport.

What would cause the brakes to go out on a 91 jeep Cherokee with abs there are no leaks in the lines.?

Failed Master Cylinder would be my guess. Replace the Master Cylinder.