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Q: How do you replace the windshield wiper linkage bushings on a Chrysler TC Maserati?
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1987 dodge Dakota windshield wiper motor works but windshield wipers don't what could be the problem?

The wiper linkage is bad. Or the wiper arm stud bushings (where the arms attach to the cowl) are rotted out.

The windshield wiper motor on a 1998 Ford Explorer sounds as if it is working. Why doesn't the driver's side blade work?

The linkage is connected by plastic bushings and with age they deterioate.

What is wrong if the wiper of a 2002 Chevy Impala goes off the windshield?

The linkage bushings are worn/missing/broken or the wiper arms are not timed properly to the wiper transmissions.

Where can you find replacement wiper linkage bushings for the wiper motor on a 1990 Lebaron? has them and so does O'Reilly's auto parts A Chrysler dealer should be able to get them.

How do you fix the wiper linkage on windshield wipers?

You have to remove the linkage from the wiper motor.

Why does the front wiper on a 93 Cherokee behave erratically sometime the arms go down on the body and other times too far to the left and off the windshield an inch or two?

There are plastic bushings on the wiper linkage that wear out and cause the erratic movement. Chrysler does not list the bushings and will recommend buying an entire new assembly. Don't, go to NAPA and they will have the bushings on their "HELP" rack. I went to NAPA and they only had ones for Chrysler which are different then the jeep. I went to Canadian Tire in Toronto and found a variety pack of the bushings in the self help area. They were labelled "wiper linkage bushings." Since they dry up and burn out, I applied a dab of wheel bearing grease to the inside to hopefully prevent that from happening ever again. The whole process was fairly easy, I found channel lock pliers the best to remove the old bushings and install the new ones. Hope this helps. Carquest, Part #49445. Manufacturer is named "HELP".

How do you repair the wiper linkage on a 1997 ford f150?

Check eBay for the plastic linkage bushings. They are not available from the Ford dealers.

How do you put on a transmission linkage bushing?

Transmission linkage bushings can be put on by first removing the linkage cable and removing out outer linkage cover. The bushing can then be pull out and replaced with a new one.

Where can i buy wiper linkage bushings for a 1995 Dodge Intrepid?

Its a dealership part

What causes Windshield wipers to move slow?

Binding in the linkage, bad windshield washer motor

What would cause the gear shift in your 96 accent to have a lot of play in it 1st gear is now very far to the left and reverse is far right 3rd and 4th are fine no broken parts visual in linkage drive?

If the linkage is not loos or damaged, check the linkage bushings for wear. If the bushings are not worn and the linkage is properly adjusted then the problem is internal. the shifter bushings, rods and shifter forks are probably worn and need replacing.

What should you be checking on a1993 dodge Dakota windshield wiper does not work on passager side but ok on drivers side?

Linkage bushings on wiper arms coming off back side of wiper motor under cowling

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