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Special tools... Pickle fork and a tie rod alignment adjusting tool. It is always best to replace the inner & outer, as well as the adjusting sleeve. This will prevent you from fighting the rusty adjusting sleeve, and new parts will make the job much easier & faster. Remove the nuts from the end of the tie rod, use a pickle fork to remove the tie rod end from the centerlink (inner) or the spindle (outer). Measure the assembly length before removing (tie rod stud to tie rod stud) If you are going to replace 1 tie rod only, loosen the adjusting sleeve, and fight the tie rod off. Check the threads to see if they are right or left handed, fight it some more. Assemble the new tie rod (rod, rubber, zerk) lube the threads, and install it into the rusty old sleeve. Try to make the assembly length the same as the old assembly (measurement) Push the tie rod stud into the hole (spindle or centerlink), install castle nut, tighten & torque, install pin, grease tie rod. Take it to a shop & have it aligned.

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Q: How do you replace tie rods on a 1993 GMC 12 ton pick-up?
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