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Should be 2 black screws just under the top middle AC vents and 2 more under the cup holder. If you have a standard, make sure to move she shifter boot. (Don't break the clips like I have done) Take off the whole plastic panel in the middle. Make sure to unplug the hazards and defroster. If the car has been in a warmer climate, the AC vents and adjustments may come with the panel. Make sure to separate them. But mostly, just don't try to force anything as something WILL break.

Make sure to have the right wireing harness for your car. You can buy a new one and Wal-mart. Buy some crimps and a crimper while you're at Wal-mart. Take out the onld stereo and connect all the wires with your new wireing harness and stereo (It;s all color coded and should have labels as well). make sure to turn on the power and test it before you put everything back together as you will get pissed when you've done this 3 times and stereo doesn't work.

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Q: How do you replace to stereo deck in a 1992 Nissan Sentra?
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