How do you replace water valve on washing machine?

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Depends on the brand, but generally you will need to turn off the water supply, unscrew the supply lines from the valve on the back of the machine. On most brands, you will have to pop the top of the machine. there is usually a 5/16 screw holding the valve in place. Remove the screw, disconnect the rubber tube (usuallly a spring clamp) and remove the old valve. Install the new valve, making sure to use the screen washer that should have come with the new valve.
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How do you conserve water in washing machines?

You can run your discharge pipe from the washer into a laundry tub with the drain put in. After the wash cycle, the water will discharge from the washer into the laundry tub.

Where is the water valve on a washing machine?

Usually in back, but it may not be a valve on the machine itself. Look for a faucet with a hose running to the machine. If you are referring to the internal valve that turns t

Your washing machine will not spin out water?

If you had said the make and type I would have told you why. -As is , the problem is either the belt, the wigwag, the pump, a loose pipe or the transmission. -Call an applianc

How do you replace lid switch on washing machine?

That's one of the pickiest things to do. On some washers you can raise the whole top surface to do it, on others you have to take the whole casing off. Look carefully along th

How do you capture water from a washing machine?

Saving the water is easy enough if you have a large enough container, such as a bath tub. Making sure never to allow the end of the water-out hose is never lower than the top

How do you fix washing machine valve malfunction?

you open the right side panel of your machine and you should see the piping system. then you try to lick your knee and all the single lady's while bushing your dogs hair (if y
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How does the washing machine heat water?

The washing machine does not heat water. It brings hot water in from the hot water heater. They are usually hooked into the same water supply as your shower and sinks.
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Are replacement washing machine parts expensive?

That depends on what kind of part you need for your washing machine. If it's the actual drum, or thing that turns, it will be a few hundred bucks, other parts are cheaper.
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When should a washing machine be replaced?

A washing machine should be serviced if it is making loud noises frequently, or is vibrating more than usual. The average life expectancy of a washing machine is 11 years, so