How do you replace window regulator in a 2002 Chevrolet Silverado?

I just finished replacing the one in my wife's 2001 silverado. First, make sure the window is all of the way up. Next, secure the window at the top with tape, so that it will not slide down when you take out the window regulator. Now the fun part…you have to remove the door inner panel (that's the part with the arm rest on it…YES THE WHOLE THING. To get it off, first remove the small triangular trim piece on the inside of the door opposite of the side view mirror. Pry very carefully and it should come off without any major damage (it is installed with spring clips) Next, pop the window control panel off of the door inner panel (it also has the lock & mirror buttons on it) this will expose the 3rd screw that needs to be removed prior to removing the door inner panel. Next, remove the 3 screws that secure the door inner panel there will be one near the arm rest. One on the bottom of the door inner panel, and the one under the window control panel. Next remove the trim panel that goes around the interior door handle and "work" it off of the door handle. Now, remove the small trim piece & handle for the interior door lock (just pry gently with a flat bladed screw driver.) Now you should be able to remove the door inner panel. Firmly lift up on the arm rest and the door inner panel should lift up about 1" letting you to pull the door inner panel away from the door. At this point you will have to unplug the door speakers & window controls as well as the courtesy light at the bottom of the door. Next, peel the plastic membrane off of the door to expose the window regulator. You should be able to loosen the screws that compress the window pads (they will be at the bottom of the window glass) After loosening the bolts you can remove the old window regulator…I think there is 5 screws total. On my wife's truck, the replacement regulator did not come with the motor, so I had to transfer it to the new window regulator (there was a "shipping" plastic piece on the new one that had to be removed before I could transplant the old motor onto it). At this point you can start the re-assembly process. Basically, put the new window regulator back where the old one came out. There will be 2 notches near the top of the door where the new/old one "hooks" into the door. This should locate the window regulator properly and allow you to START tightening the screws. Do not tighten them until all of them are in place. Next plug in the window control panel and run the window regulator up until the window glass is sitting at the bottom notch of the "pads" on the window regulator. Snug the screws on the pads DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN OR YOU WILL BREAK THE GLASS. Remove the tape at the top of the window and try it out a few times to make sure there is not anything binding and the window goes up & down ok. Now Re assemble the door… I'm not the greatest mechanic…and I had the whole job done in about 1-1/2 hours. If I had to do it again…I could do the whole job in about 30 min. Biggest thing is to not force anything. these trim pieces will break easily if you muscle them too much. Tools needed: 10mm Deep well ¼" drive 8mm deep well ¼" drive 6mm deep well ¼" drive 5/16" socket ¼" drive (for the window regulator motor screws…not metric???) average size flat blade screw driver duct tape (to hold the window up & to re-secure the plastic membrane inside the door) This writer did a great job explaining the process, and it enabled me to replace both door window regulators on my 2001 Silverado, with only a few bad words being uttered. There are a kajillion web listings for replacement window regulators, and a lot of comments from people who bought them saying they didn't last any time at all, and that most have no parts warranty. I bought the replacement regulators, with motors, made by Dorman. They were easy to install, work great, and have a limited lifetime warranty. I bought 'em from Amazon for less than $130 for the pair, with free shipping; they arrived in 2 days.