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hi, i need know in that place of internet i found the complete dash to my car, is a Dodge Colt STD year 1991 hatchback 2 doors, the dash of my car is very brocken and ugly, i live in San Jos

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โˆ™ 2006-03-31 20:47:52
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Q: How do you replace your dash lights in your 1992 Dodge colt as far as taking the dash apart?
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Your instrument panel lights are out Can you change them without taking the dash apart?


Where can you find instructions for taking apart the hub to replace the rotors on a Ford Bronco XLT?

Where can you find instructions for taking apart the hub to replace rotor on ford bronco xlt 1995

How do you replace instrument panel lights?

you take apart the dash and get to the instrument panel. then you take the instrument panel out and on the back of the panel you'll will see the lights

Where are dashboard lights in BMW 325i?

Inside the instrument cluster. To replace them remove the cluster and take it apart.

How do you replace a laptop graphics card?

You should go to a expert for that. I strongly do not recommend taking apart your laptop

1991 Cadillac DeVille all dash lights won't work but all other lights will?

You most likely have a blown fuse. See owners manual for fuse location and replace it. Very simple fix. If that is not it, you might have a bad connection somewhere and if are not good with taking dashboards apart, I'd see a mechanic.

How do you replace the clutch disc?

You have to pull apart the engine and transmission. If your asking this question, I would belive the best way to replace the cutch is taking it to the repair shop.

How do you repair dashboard lights on a 1990 Nissan 300ZX?

It depends what lights you are talking about, most dash lights are just bulbs. However in the cluster for digital lights and the fog light acessories they are done by LED lights in which you can replace if you know the right voltage. There are a lot of dash lights, so IRepairing Dashboard LightsTake apart the dash (or area where the lights are burned out) and replace the bad bulbs with good ones.

How do you replace the brake lights on a 92 Mazda mx3?

you have to open the hatch, take all the plastic interior apart, just to get to your bulbs. its a pain.

Rear directional or brake lights dont work 1994 dodge ram 250?

there is a tee conector at the rear of the vehicle that may be have corrotion take it apart and clean it

How do i assemble the thermostat on a dodge Dakota?

There is no assembling it. If it is apart, replace it. If you mean how is it installed, the spring side goes towards the engine block.

How do you change dash lights when burnt out?

depends on the vehicle in question. Most involve taking the whole dash apart. 1.5-2 hours of labour

Where can you find clear tail lights for a 1993 dodge Dakota?

Go to a pull-apart junk yard for cars. That's where I found mine dirt cheap and in excellent condition.

How do you replace the interior light cluster on a Mercedes r320?

By taking it to a mechanic. Let them deal with pulling the dash apart and if anything breaks, it's on them.

How do you replace lights in your steering wheel?

If a steering wheel has lights, there should be a way of accessing them. You want to look for some screws or pins on the back of the steering wheel. If none can be seen, the steering wheel may be pried apart to access the bulbs.

How do you replace clutch on a kawasaki 300 bayou ATV?

A person can replace the clutch on a Kawasaki 300 Bayou ATV. They first need to taking it apart. A person will need tools like a wrench and screw driver.

Space the taxiway lights apart in the curved sections and apart in the straight sections?

25 50

How do I replace clutches on a 2004 Yamaha raptor 660?

ok This may not be the best answer but between google and taking apart the motor is the only way to access the clutch

How do you replace fog lights mounted in bumper 1996 jeep grande Cherokee?

I've never seen fog lights mounted OEM "in" the bumper on a 1996. However if your talking about on top of the bumper then that is easy. Just unbolt them than take them apart and replace the bulbs. Or do what I did and install newer aftermarket ones, they work much better. With the aftermarket lights you may have to modify the OEM brackets a bit. I used rubber spacers to help hold the new lights in place and cut down the vibration. If your lights are mounted in the bumper, you will have to remove the bumper.

How do you replace the front turn signal bulb located on a 1990 Chevy Beretta?

strt taking the dash apart under the steering colum. under there(behind the fuse panel ussally) is what would be called a flasher fuse they cost about 9.99 very simple to replace. i just had to do it in my beretta. it was funny because the hazard lights would work but not the turn signals. I also ran into a problem with the wiring for the turn signals were the bulbs plug in. I had to replace the pigtail conectors also.

How do you clean carburetor of motorcycle without taking apart?

It has to come apart to do a thorough job.

Incandescent approach lights are positioned feet apart?


How do I replace a Volvo S40 ignition switch?

you need to take apart the entire dash board, pop the old one out and pop the new one in. this requires a lot of time, patients and experience. (taking apart the dash board, not putting in the switch)

In a 1995 dodge ram 1500 pickup 5.9l Engine fuse blew causing the truck to shut off and the fuel pump to stop what is the engine fuse located in the passenger compartment for?

I actually ran into this problem on my truck dodge ram 2500 4x4 5.9L after taking wiring harnesses apart i found it was a sensor that is on the transmission that has a wire that is green and has a black stripe remove this connector and it will work replace the sensor for a full repair

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The Battery in the memory might be dead. Try to replace the battery with the same one. Just be careful when taking it apart.

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