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How do you replicate a CD?

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There are different ways to replicate a CD. One way is to load the content of the disc onto a music program on your computer. (iTunes, Windows Media Player, Matchbox, Java, etc.) Then, once it is on your computer, most programs will allow you to select what you want on the new CD and simply burn another CD. You have to make sure you are using the right type of CD, though. (Cd-Rom, DVD-Rom, etc)

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What are CD duplicators and what do they do?

CD replicators 'replicate' or copy an existing CD or DVD onto a blank disc. These devises are an excellent way to increase one's personal music and movie library.

What are your options if you need to replicate your wedding day DVD?

To replicate your DVD you have many options. You can copy the file on your computer to a flash drive or burn it onto a CD or DVD. If you feel uncomfortable doing this, you can call a professional.

How do modern CD duplicators work?

CDs can be duplicated by copying the information from one CD to another using software and a CD-ReadWrite drive. Higher-volume duplicators actually "replicate" CDs by making a stamp and imprinting the information similar to the printing of books or newspapers.

Can Lysosomes self-replicate?

Lyosomes do not self-replicate, although peroxisomes do.

How do mitochondria replicate?

They have their own circular DNA.So they replicate themselves.

Do chromosomes replicate or double before meiosis?

they replicate

How does the cell replicate In DNA?

Cells do not replicate "In DNA". Cells replicate their DNA during the process of cell division.

Where do viruses replicate?

Viruses replicate after they have infected a living cell.

What is a sentence using the word replicate?

I will replicate the statue of liberty for my project.

Why do chromosomes replicate?

They replicate to form two identical daughter cells.

When does mitochondria replicate?

Mitochondria replicate in G1 phase.They are replicating themselves.

When do chromosomes replicate during meiosis?

Chromosomes replicate in the Interphase part of Meiosis and throughout the whole process of Meiosis they only replicate once.

Why are mitochondria able to replicate themselves?

Mitochondria have their own DNA.So they replicate themselves.

During what stage do you replicate a cells DNA?

They replicate their DNA during interphase.

What sites separate and replicate in DNA?

replication forks separate and replicate DNA

What stage of interphase do organelles replicate?

The organelles replicate in the G1 phase of interphase.

Do peroxisomes self replicate?

Yes, according to the Internet, peroxisomes do self-replicate.

When do chromosomes replicate during meiosis-?

The chromosomes replicate during interphase in meiosis.

How can you use replicate in a sentence?

The replication of one's code is not right. This is the sentence using replicate in it.

How is a virus is able to reproduce and cause disease in a host?

Viruses attach themselves to and then replicate inside of a cell in order to replicate itself. DNA viruses replicate in a cell's nucleus while RNA viruses generally replicate in the cell's cytoplasm.

What is the main way that viruses replicate?

The only way viruses can replicate is by parasitizing living cells and using the cell's mechanisms to replicate their genetic materials and protein components.

How do you legally replicate an antique?

You can replicate anything you like, you just cannot call it an "antique," that is fraud.

What is the difference between reproduce and replicate?

Replicate means when you make an exact or close copy of something.

Suppose the DNA in the chromosomes of a cell did not replicate?

If the DNA did not replicate, daughter cells would not be formed.

How do prions replicate?

Prions replicate by catalyzing the protein of a cell and folding the same to resemble the prion.