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From your cell phone, go to message and type Congratulations and send it.

That's all!!!


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It is not possible to reply to a message on lg Bluetooth.

You can reply to both mail and a message. The reply to a mail is by clicking the box below the mail. Replying the message is after the message that is received.

You click the reply button and then type your message.

To answer/reply to a Facebook message all you need to do is go onto the message you want to reply to. Under what you have been sent there is a blank bar so type in your message then on the right click reply.

Reply path refers to the message centre number that is used when a recipient replies to a text message that they have received from you. If reply path is ticked, the recipient will only be able to send their reply back to you using the same message centre number that it was received through. If this message centre is too busy at any time, you may have trouble receiving the text message. If reply path is not ticked, it means that any replies to messages can be sent through any message centre.

definition of congratulatory latter explain

My friend gave a congratulatory telegram.

The way in which one may acquire a congratulatory message from the Queen of England is by way of marriage anniversaries. The Queen of England sends out congratulatory messages for wedding anniversaries of 60, 65, and 70 years.

How do you reply to an awkward message. Easy. Just change the topic. For instance: I lov u <3 <3. You don't like the person so you reply with: Did u send tht to the wrong person? And they reply with: Umm No. Then you reply with: .... (silence) *speachless*

You go to your messages, open the one you want to reply to and then type the message you want to send to them. Then you press 'ok' and it will have sent.

Assure him of your prayers and congratulate him for completing his studies. Assure him that God will be taking care of him.

No, "reply all" means that the reply will be sent to everyone that the original message was sent to.

Someone will click the write a message button on your message board. Another way would to click the write a message on your message board link at the bottom of the screen. Also, when you send someone a message, when they view it, in the upper right corner of the message is two buttons that say "Reply" and "Delete" they can send you a message by clicking "Reply".

You click on the reply button in the top righthand corner of their message.

To reply to Shukriya, you need to open a given message. By pressing the reply button, you will be able to reply to Shukriya.

Yes. Hover over the tweet and the 'reply' button will appear for you to click on. Alternatively, you can just type their username (@username) before your message as the reply button just puts the username into the message automatically for you.

I think reply (not so sure)

You don't. If she doesn't want to talk to you, she doesn't have to. You shouldn't force people to your will. You can make the attempt to message her, but it is up to her if she wants to reply.

Begin your tweet with the person's username (@username)

You could just add a message on their message board.

Reply all means that your message will go to all people in the conversation, not in your address book.

Maine mere message da reply ta karde. That is how it is said in punjabi. It means reply to me in english.

Forwarding is when you get sent an email and then you send it on to someone else. Replying is when you reply to a message.

A text message that says 'OK' is usually a reply to a message you have previously sent.

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