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Call the police department (not 911) and ask them if they could look into it. They may want to know what evidence you have before they will take it seriously. If you know whose card it is, you can report it to them. If you have the credit card number, call your own credit card company and ask them what bank the card belongs to. The first 8 digits of the card tell what bank it is from and they can give you that information. You can then call that bank and report it so they can freeze the card and inform the holder. If information is unknown or cannot be obtained to enable the interested party to contact the card issuer, the FTC should be notified and supplied with as much information as possible. Notification to the FTC can be done anonymously and will be investigated if the reporting gives sufficient and plausible information. Federal Trade Commission, 1-877-382-4357,

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Q: How do you report a person using a stolen credit card to purchase an airline ticket?
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What is a free online credit report?

A credit report is a record of your purchase & payment credit history. These reports are used by various corporations to determine your credit 'worthiness' before issuing you credit, offering you a job or writing you a mortgage. An online report is simply a credit report on you, that you can request, from the three major credit reporting companies online, for free.

Can I start requesting a credit report form before I purchase a car?

yes you can definately report it.Every year, you can request a free report from any of the three credit. if you come to know and something is wrong You can improve your credit report legitimately and that can be beneficial.

What is the purpose of credit report check?

The purpose of a credit report check is to check how a person manages their credit obligations and if they have any history of not paying. If one has bad history then it is more of a risk for a company to give that person credit.

How do you find a person bankruptcy or not?

Get a copy of their credit report.

Where can a person get a free credit report in Canada?

There are two main credit reporting agencies where one can get a free credit report in Canada. 'Equifax' and 'TransUnion Canada both allow one to apply for a free credit report.

Who has a legal right to check your credit report?

You have the right to see your credit report. If you have asked some person or institution to extend credit to you, they have a right to see your credit report. In many jurisdictions, potential employers may also obtain your credit report. If the police are considering whether you may be a suspect in a criminal investigation, they may also view your credit report.

Can private lenders report to a credit bureau?

Most private loans can not be reported to your credit report. This is because the system can be manipulated and the person would need a CRA to report it.

Is a co-signer's credit better than the credit of the person listed 1st on the loan?

Lenders look at the middle credit score of the person with the worst credit score and not the person with good credit. You can get a free credit report from every 12 months from all 3 credit agencies. Look for any duplicate or erroneous items on your credit report and dispute them.

Where can a free copy of a recent credit score be obtained?

A person can get a free copy of their credit report score from Annual Credit Report. A person can request that information by phone or by letter, which should arrive within two weeks.

Where can one get their own credit rating report in Canada?

The best place to get a credit rating report in Canada is through Equifax. The other place to get a credit report would be through Transunion. However, obtaining a report may cost a person money.

What is credit authorization?

It's a form you sign to authorize another person to view your credit report.

What is the use of a complete credit report?

A complete credit report, containing your report and scores from all three major bureaus, provides the most accurate look at your current credit. This insight will prove useful when dealing with lenders prior to making a major purchase.

Do bad credit reports make it difficult to buy a house?

Yes, a bad credit report can cause you to be either be declined for a new home purchase or to have a higher interest rate. Either way, a poor credit report can make it more expensive or impossible to purchase a new home.

Where can one check his Equifax credit reports?

Equifax credit reports are available directly from the Equifax website, via the link "Get my free annual credit report." It is also possible to purchase a tri-merge credit report from Equifax or other bureaus; this report consolidates data from multiple credit reports (including Equifax's).

How often should you get your credit report?

This is really a personal decision, but it makes sense to check your credit report prior to making a large purchase that you intend to finance. For example, buying a car or a home, are examples of big purchases in which you would want to check your credit well in advance of the purchase to make sure you have good credit.

How do credit card companies use a persons credit report?

To determine if that person should be given a loan or credit card

Where can one view their credit report online for free?

A person looking to view their credit report online may do so at a number of websites. Some websites that offer free reports include Annual Credit Report, Experian, Equifax, and Credit Karma.

Where is it possible to get a consumer credit report?

It is possible to get a consumer credit report at the Federal Trade Commission. The credit reports are free and a person can ask a free copy of the credit reports once every 12 months.

How can you get old credit report?


What are the adverse side affects on your credit report for having a car repossessed?

It will cause the credit score to decline and will remain on the credit report for seven years, perhaps creating problems for the person to obtain future credit/loans.

When you cosign for a vehicle will it be on your credit report and therefore effect the cosigner when they attempt to make a major purchase in the future?

Yes, all action on the part of the primary borrower will be reflected on the cosigner's credit report.

Where can I get the form to request a credit report?

Each credit reporting agency has their own form to request a credit report which you can find on their website. Each person is entitled to at least 1 free credit report per year per agency with some states allowing more. The Federal Trade Commission offers free forms to request a credit report.

How can a person get their credit report score for free on an annual basis?

A person can get their credit report score for free on an annual basis by applying online at a credit report site that will offer free credit reports. Someone can fill out a report online, or mail one to a business that offers free annual credit reports.

When can a person view their credit report for free?

Once a year, from each of the three main credit reporting agencies

what are some effective credit score tips?

The best way to build credit is to purchase a pre-paid credit card. These cannot be overdrafted yet they report to the three credit bureaus, therefore building credit for you.