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who owns movie rights?

how do you research movie rights?

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Q: How do you research who owns movie rights?
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Who owns the rights to Halo the movie. And who owns the rights to halo the game.?

Microsoft owns the rights to Halo.

Who owns the rights to the film 'The Wizard Of Oz'?

Time Warner Communications owns it, currently. They purchased the rights to the movie from MGM Studios, the original producers of the movie.

Who owns the image rights for Baby Pooh?

The Walt Disney company owns the image rights (and other rights such as movie rights) for Baby Pooh, along with image rights for many other Disney Characters.

Who owns the movie rights to beach music?

beach boys ?

Who owns the movie rights to Bright Road starring Dorothy Dandridge?

Time Warner.

Why are they not making a Spyro movie?

It is because Activision, which owns the rights to the Spyro franchise, cancelled the production of the movie.

Who owns the movie rights to the book Trinity?

It is written by Leon Uris and the publisher is HarperCollins Publishers.

Who owns the movie rights of The Boondocks Saints?

micheal jackson and is 6 year old wife

Who owns the movie rights to Alas Babylon by Pat Frank?

someone in the Harry Hart Family

Who owns Let It Be by The Beatles?

EMI owns the rights to the music recordings; Sony Music controls the music publishing (except for George Harrison and Ringo Starr's compositions); Apple Corps owns the rights to the movie, related visuals and recordings not owned or controlled by EMI.

Michael Jackson owns the rights to the South Carolina State anthem?

No, he doesn't. He owns the rights to "Carolina on My Mind" which is part of the Beatles collection he owns the rights to. He does not own the rights to "South Carolina on My Mind".

Who owns the publishing rights to Happy Together by The Turtles?

who owns publishing rights of the turtles happy together

Who owns the rights for Cinderella Musical Comedy?

If you are referring to the Rogers & Hammerstein version, their estate owns the rights.

Who owns rights to the little rascals?

RHI Entertainment owns the home video rights to the Little Rascals films made from 1927-1938. CBS Television owns the TV rights. Warner Brothers owns the rights to the 1938-1944 Our Gang shorts. The 1922-1926 shorts are in the public domain.

Who owns the rights to I'm a celebrity get you out of here?

Granada TV owns the rights. They were the original creators back in 2002, so they hold all rights relating to the program.

Who owns cancer research UK?


Who owns casino royale?

sony pictures owns the rights to casino royale.

Who owns the rights to powerade?

Coca Cola owns Powerade and associated trademarks.

Who owns the rights to Jetstar Flights?

Qantas owns Jetstar and associated trademarks.

Are they making a movie for Voltron?

The company that owns the rights to Voltron (World Entertainment Productions) announced that there WILL be a movie in 2013-2014(latest). Concept art for the "Voltron Live Action Movie" were leaked online.

Can you upload a DVD movie to the internet?

It is physically possible, yes. Legality is an entirely different issue. If the movie is copyrighted and any besides you owns rights to it, you can potentially get in a lot of trouble.

Who owns the rights to the original movie classic santa Claus is coming to town?

Family Home Entertainment or FHE does. I am actually watching the movie right now i love Christmas

What is the definition of states rights?

the states rights is a right the state owns

Who owns rights to topper?

Your mom.

Who owns the rights to newsies?