How do you research your family history?

Start with

This site is a must for all who wish to do family History Research, however it must be pointed out that some of the information supplied may not always be correct and further research may be required if there is any doubt.

Another helpful payed for site is Genes Reunited where you will have access to many family trees. A downside to this site are the large amount of questions you will be asked from other contributers to the site. None the less it is well worth investigating.

The first step is to figure out what you (and other relatives) already know about your family and a good way to do this is to organize names, dates, and places on pedigree charts and family group records. You can learn more about these and print out blank forms at the website mentioned above. You can also download a free program called "Personal Ancestral File" from which will help you organize what you know in a database format. The next step is to decide what you want to learn about your family. Take it one step at a time, working backwards from what you already know. Choose a specific goal for one family and work on that instead of trying to find out everything about everyone all at once. Once you've identified your research goal, you will need to find resources that might provide the information you are looking for. For example, if you're looking for a death date, a death certificate or obituary might be of help. If you're looking for when your grandparents arrived in the United States, naturalization papers or ship passenger lists might be the key. The "help" sections at can assist you in identifying the types of records you might need and figuring out where to locate them. Also, consider checking out some how-to books for the specific countries you're interested in from your local library. Other "must-visit" websites include and