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It's done with a code reader plugged into diagnostic port under dash.

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Q: How do you reset a checkengine light on a 1995 mercedesbenz sl500?
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How do you reset the oil service light on 2002 sl500?

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How do you reset the srs light on a 1998 mercedes sl500?

You have a problem with the srs (supplemental restraint system) system. Until the problem is fixed the light will remain on. Once the problem is repaired the light will reset itself.

What is the flashing yellow light in the instrument cluster on 1998 SL500?

Which Yellow light, what does the symbol look like

How do you reset a 2004 Mercedes SL500 key fob?

You can not reset this key. You must go to the dealer. It is hardcoded and can only be set one time. A new key must be ordered. There are no resets.

How do you remove the radio in a Mercedes-Benz SL500?

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How do you change air filter on 1995 sl500?

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Where is the oil dipstick located on a Mercedes Benz sl500?

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How many 2001 Mercedes SL500 were made?

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How do you reset the oil service light on the 2003 sl500?

That can only be done by a service tech, the car is so new that it will not reset even if you disconnect the battery**the above is incorrect.To reset the service light, turn ignition switch to ON position with engine off. Observe speedometer display and tachometer multifunction display. When standard display appears press up or down arrow on the multifunction steering wheel until the FSS service indicator with one or two wrenches appears in speedometer display and service deadline appears in tachometer display.Now, press the reset button between the speedometer and the tachometer for about 4 seconds or until the tachometer display shows "Do you want to reset service interval? Confirm by using the reset button" To confirm hold down the reset button again until a signal is heard. the service indicator will display the reset interval. Reset is complete.

I have a 95 Mercedes sl500 can i reset the oil light after oil has been changed?

I haven't had experience on this particular model - however on other MBs I have found that if you use the owners manual and follow the index and footnotes for the service lamp (or restting oil service light) your speaking of there is generally, sort of hidden, a paragraph on how to do it. Believe it or not, it takes a combination of key position and pushing radio buttons!

How do you reset Check engine light on 1998 Mercedes SL500?

unless you have a computer from MB, linked to the MB factory, you can't. You will have to take it to your local MB dealer or Indy shop, have their computer linked to your car, where they can cancel and reset the existing codes stored on the car's computer. this is how MB keeps track of their cars...and diagnosis' any problems your car might have. It's a pain in the ass, but that's how it is these days with most cars.

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