How do you reset a droid incredible without the pattern?

Warning. Doing this hard reset to your phone will erase all personal information and return the phone to the state it was in when first sold.

Turn the Droid Incredible off and remove the battery. Reinstall the battery and back. Simultaneously press the volume down button and the power button until a reset screen appears. Use the volume up and down toggle to go to factory reset and then press the power button to choose that option. The phone will do the rest. Once it has rebooted, you will have the same access to the phone that you would have had when first purchased.

If this does not work you should retry the steps in order to make sure you have done them correctly. If the problem persists you may want to look for an Android professional in your area. Please note that a specialist in the Android is MUCH more qualified typically than the usual all phones go stores and should be sought out if available in your area.