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How do you reset computer in 95 gs 300 Lexus?


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how do i reset the computer in gs300

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You can reset the computer on a 95 Ford Taurus by connecting an OBDII reader to the vehicle. It can then reset all codes within the computer.

It's right under the passenger front seat


simply disconnect the battery for 30 seconds and it will reset all of your learned fuel trims in your ecu

un hook the batt neg for 30 sec it will reset it up to 95 96 and up you have to have a scan tool to reset the ecm

you have to get a reprogrammer from summit racing and reprogram the computer.

Could be the auto idle control valve, try cleaning before replacing (about $300). Another simpler possibility is the fuel filter,replace this first,

Disconnect the battery cables and wait about 15 minutes. Some of the OBD II computers will not reset and will have to be coded out and the problem fixed to get rid of the error.

is on the kick panel inside car, theres 2 seperate fuses on top right, away from the other fuses.

Remove the negative battery cable for 30 seconds. Or you can remove the fuse in the under-the-hood fuse panel marked "EFI" for 10 seconds. This works on most all Lexus models from 90-95.

Where is the computer on a 95 Chevy lumina

where is the starter located on a 95 ls 400 lexus? and what tools a need to change it? underneath the intake, sucks but it can be changed out within a couple hours if you are knowledgeable

The ABS light on a 95 S10 Blazer has to be reset by a mechanic or the dealer. Unplugging the battery on the vehicle will not reset the ABS light.

Vehicle Stability Control

to reset the ecu on most 95-96 ford escorts dosconect the live terminal on the battery and leave for 2mins then reconect. the ecu is self learning and will re calibrate itsself.

That is an oxygen sensor, it tells the computer how rich or lean the engine is running on bank 1. The computer uses this info to control how much fuel the engine gets.

No, Chrysler does not use inertia or reset switches.

The dealership can do it for you.

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