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Disconnecting the speed sensor stops the speedo and odometer. The odometer has to be changed by a certified speedo repair shop.

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Q: How do you reset odometer on an 02 Saturn SL1 or stop it until the true mileage catches up?
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How can you reset the odometer to mileage from trip?

Where is trip odometer reset button on vauxhall insignia

Where is the fuel reset switch on a 2001 L200 Saturn?

odometer button

Reset oil change mileage on BMW 325xi?

You will need to hold the left odometer reset button. Yes, it is that easy to reset the oil change mileage.

How do I reset the mileage in a Peugeot 106?

You dont, rolling back the odometer is illegal.

On a 2000 BMW 528i will the odometer reset when you install a new engine to the mileage of the new engine?

Sorry It Will Not Reset It

How to reset Odometer to zero?

The Trip Odometer is normally reset by pushing and holding the reset button in. The odometer can not be reset.

How do you reset odometer in 2000 neon?

You cannot reset the odometer in your car, however you can reset your trip odometer.

How do you reset the mileage odometer on a 2000 ford focus?

Contact the dealer or a local speedometer shop. Changing the mileage may be a federal crime.

At what mileage does the odometer on a 1999 golf reset to zero?

I don't know, but my 1996 golf just reset to zero tonight as I passed the 300,000km mark.

How do you clear out the numbers on the trip odometer to see how many miles you went to a location for a 2003 Saturn ion quade coupe?

On most vehicles you simply push and hold the odometer reset button.On most vehicles you simply push and hold the odometer reset button.

What is the difference between the odometer and the trip odometer?

The trip opometer can be reset and doesn't change the odometer. The trip opometer can be reset and doesn't change the odometer. An odometer is a continual counter of distance and a trip odometer measures from point A to B and can be reset.

What is odometer and tripmeter?

the odometer tracks total miles on the vehicle and cant be reset or should not be tampered with this is illegal , the trip-meter is resettable for tracking miles on a trip or calculating mileage.

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