How do you reset oil change light on a 2001 Pontiac Gran Prix SE?

The "change oil" light on a 2001 Grand Prix is reset by pressing the gas pedal three times while the vehicle is in "accessory" mode:

1. Turn the car off.

2. Place the ignition key in the "on" position, without starting the car. That is, turn the key forward to the place right before it fires the engine.

3. Place your foot on the gas pedal and press it all the way down three times, waiting approximately one second between presses.

If done correctly, the "change oil" light will flash repeatedly, and will then reset.

Please note that it is rare to do this successfully on the first try; if it does not work, turn the car off and try the procedure again, varying the wait slightly between pedal presses at each attempt. I concur these instructions are valid for 2000 Gran Prix. This procedure worked perfectly first time I tried though you do need to wait a couple of seconds for the change oil light to flash indicating reset.

Change oil soon lights are designed to be reset by the manufacturer. I'm not sure on a Pontiac Grand Prix, so call a local jiffy lube to see if they can do it. It varies from one vehicle to the next, but many GM vehicles of that vintage have an oil reset button under the hood, in the fuse panel that is adjacent to the battery. It will be a red button marked "oil". Turn the key on with the engine not running. Press the button for 5 or more seconds and a helper should be able to see the "change oil soon" light flash. Turn the key off, then start the engine and the light should come on briefly during test mode then turn off. FUSE PANEL ANSWER IS NOT VALID FOR 2000-2001 GRAN PRIX - SEE FIRST ANSWER.