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How do you reset oil life on cr-v 2007 after oil change I followed the manuel but it sticks at 70 and doesn't change?

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2007-12-16 19:57:17


One of the first reasons I started blogging was to share tips

and tricks I found after hours on the Internet or from other

people. Here's one for 2007 Honda CR-V owners.

Recently, I took my vehicle in for an oil change but the

mechanics couldn't figure out how to reset the oil life message

that flashed on each time I started my CR-V.

Here's how I did it. With the car either powered on or started,

hold down on the button on the dashboard for several seconds. It

could take 10-15 seconds. At one point, it'll change to a display

that says OIL, CANCEL and a temperature. Rotate the dial until OIL

flashes then push that same button and it should reset it. Good

luck, it'll take an entire minute for you to do it and you won't

have to see the oil light come on all of the time, until it's time

again for an oil change!

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