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The radio code feature of Daewoo models (sold in the US from 1998 - 2001 as Leganza, Nubira, and Lanos) is meant to be an anti-theft security feature, but unfortunately it can also present a problem to legimate owners when their car batteries have died or been replaced. When the radio is removed from the power source (or the power source is interrupted), the radio will reset itself (prevent any use) and flash "CODE" until the proper code is entered.

Each radio has a specific four-digit code, which was originally provided on a plastic card within the owner's manual kit. New owners were encouraged to remove the card and keep in a safe place outside the car (eg home). Since these cards may be lost over time (or perhaps not passed along when the car was sold used), that leaves today's owner in a tough spot.

To obtain your code... You can try calling Daewoo Motor America (the company still operates a HQ in CA for service/parts/warranty purposes); their website is still You can also try calling your original Daewoo dealer, who hopefully still has some technical materials and personnel to help you identify your unique code. Some General Motors dealers may be able to help, as GM acquired Daewoo and still sells Daweoo-made cars in the US under their Pontiac and Chevy brands. But all methods above may be difficult for an individual detailed problem such as obtaining your unique radio code.

If all else fails, TRY THE CODES BELOW, which were the most common codes used in models during the 1998-2001 model years.

















I am posting these because - although the code feature was a valuable anti-theft feature - there have been no models sold in the US since late 2001, and the radios are now undoubtly worthless to theives. At this point, the radio code feature can only be a major nusance to an owner of a still-running used Daewoo. Good luck and enjoy your car!

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Q: How do you reset radio in a Daewoo Nubira?
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