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How do you reset radio of a 1996 VW GTI I have the code but don't know how to reset it?

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January 25, 2008 1:51AM

This is a cut and paste from

procedure - With the power on and SAFE showing on the display,

press and hold the MODE and SCAN button together until SAFE changes

to 1000. Release the buttons and using the first four station

buttons enter the radio code.

Use button #1 to change the 1 to the correct code, pressing once

will change to 2 twice to 3 etc

Use button number 2 to change the next number etc.

When you have entered the correct code; press and hold the SCAN

and MODE buttons together until code disappears and radio comes


The key is in knowing the radio security code. It is a four

digit number normally in the manual portfolio pack. Mine is on a

small piece of paper marked "Radio Information" from the Mfg. Other

people have posted that they have found this information in their

manual, or on the door post. Others actually mention it being on

the radio chasis, yet that would negate the idea of securing the

radio from theft. The last choice is to contact the dealer with the

VIN or the radio serial number.

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