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I changed the battery and voila' - no more light.

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Q: How do you reset the 'maintenance required' indicator on a 1992 Montero?
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How do you reset the maintenance required light on a 1995 Montero?

After my 1995 Montero turned 150,000 miles the

How do you reset injector maintenance indicator on Lexus ls460?

PLIZ HELP How can i reset the injector maintenance required in lexus gs350 2012

How do you reset maintenance service indicator on a 2006 Mercedes E350?

How do you reset maintenance service indicator on a 2006 Mercedes E350

How do you reset the maintenance required indicator on a 1996 Honda Accord EX?

Use your key and insert it into the slot next to the maintenance indicator, which I suppose is red if you're asking this question. It should be the only slot on your instrument panel. This will reset your indicator to green.

How to reset maintenance service indicator on 2010 glk 350?

Resetting the maintenance service indicator on G.L.K 2010

1995 Honda Accord maintenance required?

It just needs an oil change. If you take it to a Honda dealership to get it fixed, they will normally reset it for you. On the 1995 Honda Accord station wagon, the 'maintenance required' indicator is easily reset by using a key to push in the little flat 'button' located near the indicator.

How do you reset periodic maintenance required in Montero sport 2012 model?

paps, try 3280 monterosport code for 4x2 glsv 2012 year model or up.

How do you reset maintenance indicator on a 1992 Honda Accord EX?

there is a hole for your key underneath the indicator...just stick your key in there and it will reset back to green

How do you reset the maintenance service indicator in a C300?

On my 2003 C320 I scroll through the menu on the dash with key in and turned but car not running and go to the Schedule A or B maintenance in xxxx miles and hold reset button until it asks if I want to reset maintenance then hold down again for yes to reset indicator.

How do i Reset maintenance indicator on M ercedes?

I follow the instructions in my Owner's Manual.

How do you reset the Service 4X4 indicator on a 2006 Jeep Grand Cherokee?

You do not reset it, it is a fault code. It is not a routine maintenance indicator. Fix the problem and the light will go out.

Reset maintenance indicator 91 accord?

Push your key into the little recessed button on the instrument panel right next to the maintenance indicator. Should turn green.

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