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Disconnecting the negative battery terminal for 10+ minutes usually resets the Service Engine Soon" light. Please note that it will reset everything else electrical in your car as well (e.g.- radio and clock). If the light reappears shortly after reconnecting and restarting the vehicle you will need to get the code read and go from there. If nothing noticable most likely an O2 sensor.

You can also pull the the fuse/breaker marked PCM/IGN from the electrical center under the hood. The box is on the passenger side under a marked plastic cover between the edge of the fender and the diagonal strut/support.

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Q: How do you reset the 'service engine soon' light on a 1992 Pontiac Grand Prix?
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How do you reset service engine soon light in a pontiac 2004 grand am se?

How to reset service light on a 2004 grand am

2000 Pontiac grand am service engine soon light?

There could be several reasons why a 2000 Pontiac Grand Am service engine light soon has come on. The engine may need a tune up, the timing belt may need changed, or even a bad fuel pump.

Pontiac grand am car wont start service engine soon light is on?

The "Service Engine" light is the computer's way of telling you that it has something to tell you. Connect a scanner and see what it says.

How do you reset service engine light on 2003 Pontiac grand prix?

unhook positive batery cable for 5 mins

My 1999 Pontiac grand am se 6 cylinder service engine soon light stays on. The car also stalls out when stopping sometimes?

There are many causes for a service engine light. You need to have it checked for codes. Then you can diagnose from there.

What would make the service engine light stay on and the engine race in your 1995 Pontiac Grand Am The engine is a 4 cylinder quad 2.4L?

its missing 4 cylinders sir!

How do you reset the service engine light soon on a 1995 Pontiac Grand Prix 3100?

To reset a Service Engine Soon light, a person can disconnect and reconnect the battery. They can also fix the problem and use a scanner to clear the codes causing the light to come on.

Why is my service engine soon light on 2003 Pontiac grand am?

There are pages and pages and items that can cause a check engine light. You need to have it checked for codes with a scan tool. After repair light can be shut off with scan tool.

How do you turn off service engine soon light in a 2001 Pontiac Grand Am?

Have your local auto parts store read the codes stored in the vehicles Engine Control Module (ECM). They will perform this service for free. Find out why the light is on before you clear it. It may be a simple fix.

How do you fix a clock radio light in a 2003 Pontiac grand am?

how to fix the light for the clock radio in a 2003 Pontiac grand am

What are the reasons for the service engine soon warning light coming on in a 2001 Pontiac Grand Prix?

Usually indicative or a problem with the emission control system - have vehicle scanned to determine the problem

Reset Service Engine Soon light on a suzuki grand vitara?

There are a couple of ways to reset the Service Engine Soon light on a Suzuki Grand Vitara. The easiest way is to get a scan tool from your local auto parts store. Using the scan tool will reset the service engine light. Disconnecting your vehicle's battery is another way that often works to reset the Service Engine Soon light.

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