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To do this correctly you need an OBDII reader. The reader will read the code and then give you the option to clear it. Most parts stores will have one they can loan you or do it for you.

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Q: How do you reset the 4 wheel drive sensor on a 2002 ford truck?
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Where is the abs sensor for 1992 chev truck?

If it is a 2-wheel drive then it is on the transmission tail shaft housing. If it is a 4-wheel drive then it is on the transfur case.

How do you replace left front wheel speed sensor on a 2002 Chevrolet s10 4 wheel drive truck?

You didn't mention if it were 2 wheel or 4 wheel drive, need more info.

Will rims off of a 2 wheel drive s10 truck fit on a 4 wheel drive s10 truck?

wil rims off a 2 wheel drive s10 truck fit a 4 wheel drive s10 truck

Where is the oxygen sensor on the 1990 Nissan truck six cylinder four wheel drive?

screwed into your exhaust manifold.

Can you put a 2-wheel drive transmission in a 4-wheel drive truck and it still be a 4-wheel drive?


Is a 2000 ford truck front wheel drive vehicle?

rear wheel drive or four wheel drive capable

Is a 4x2 truck front or rear wheel drive?

It is rear wheel drive only.

If your new truck contract says you have purchased a 4 wheel drive truck but the salesman says you purchased a 2 wheel drive truck what can you do?

you should check with the company. then you should file a law suit if you have 2 wheel drive

How do you change wheel bearings on a Chevy truck?

Need to know if it is 2 wheel drive or 4 wheel drive.

Does Subaru produce an all-wheel drive truck?

Subaru use to produce an all-wheel drive truck. It was called the Subaru Baja sport. It's an all wheel truck that's a mix of a truck with a regular car.

How do you get my truck into four wheel drive?

First you have to make sure it is a four wheel drive vehicle.

How do you reset the 4 wheel drive in a 2004 ford explorer?

What do you mean buy reseting the 4 wheel drive. Is it stuck in 4 wheel drive?

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