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2002 Mazda Tribute cd player will not play disc

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โˆ™ 2013-07-17 15:37:35
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Q: How do you reset the CD player on 2002 Mazda tribute?
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How do you reset abs light for 2002 Mazda tribute?

Bring to a shop that has an ABS scanner to determine the problem

What to do with 6 disk CD player stuck in mazda tribute?

the cd is stuck in a 2002 mazda tribute how do I get it out the eject button does nothing and the cd will not play

How do you turn of flashers on 2002 Mazda tribute?

How to turn off flashers on a 2002 Mazda tribute

Where is the Mazda Tribute radiator cap?

where is the radiator cap on a 2002 tribute

Where is the OBD II port on a 2002 Mazda Tribute?

The 2002 Mazda Tribute OBD 2 port is on rear edge of dash; right of hood release

How much does it cost to have a catalytic converter installed in a 2001 Mazda tribute?

how much does it cost to have a catalytic converter installed in a 2002 Mazda tribute

What size is the lug nuts for a Mazda tribute 2003?

My 2002 Tribute has 19mm lug nuts.

Torque on the air intake manifold of a Mazda 2002 tribute?

what is the tork for the intake(bolt 8mm) v6 3l 2001 Mazda tribute es

Where is the obd2 port located on 2002 Mazda tribute?


When should timing belt on 2002 Mazda tribute be changed?

90,000 miles and it's NOT an interference engine ( according to the Gates website listing for the 2.0 liter 4 cylinder engine in a 2002 Mazda Tribute )

Does a 2002 Mazda Tribute 3000cc V6 have a timing belt or chain?

The 3.0 litre V6 engine in a 2002 Mazda Tribute has ( 1 ) timing CHAIN to each cylinder head , so there are ( 2 timing CHAINS )

What is a 2002 Mazda tribute oil capacity?

It is the amount of oil that the engine requires.

What is the spark plug gap setting for a 2002 Mazda tribute v6?


Where are the spark plugs located in a 2002 Mazda Tribute?

Screwed into the cylinder head.

How many miles can a 2002 Mazda tribute last for before replacing the transmission?

I have had to replace my 2002 Mazda Tribute Transmission at around 150,000 miles. I am not sure if this is normal, and all of my miles were mostly highway. I replaced it with a rebuild and it cost me around 3600 dollars.

Are airbag light problems common on a 2002 Mazda Tribute?

This airbag issue is part of a recall by Mazda. You should contact your dealer.

What is the wheel torque specs for a 2002 Mazda tribute?

Lug nuts? 95-105 Ft. Lbs.

How do you reset the 'check engine' light in a 2002 Mazda?

Fix the problem it indicates and reset it by unhooking the battery.

How many gallons of gas does a 2005 Mazda tribute hold?

I have a 2002 tribute and it holds 16.5 gallons. I'd imagine a 2005 would be the same.

Where is the dlr module located on 2002 Mazda tribute?

Behind lower left end of dash

What is the cause when the headlights stay on high beam on a 2002 Mazda Tribute?

headlight switch is probaly your trouble

Where is the 2002 Mazda tribute fuel pump?

2001 is in fuel tank accesable from trunk under carpet

What is the towing capacity of a 2002 Mazda Tribute with factory installed towing package?

3500lbs with factory towing package.

How do you push out dents in the front bumper of a 2002 Mazda Tribute?

Pour boiling water on it than push from the back.

Where is the transmission filter on a 2002 Mazda tribute?

The filter is in the transmission pan. Let a reputable mechanic do a tranny flush the proper way.