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How do you reset the ECM on a 1996 Ford Contour?

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It is a common misconception that a person can fix a problem by "reseting" an ECM(PCM). There really is no such thing as reseting the PCM. A PCM is a logic device, that actually learns as it goes, and makes adjustments in it's stradegy based on what it has learned, and even remembers what has happened on previous drive cycles. A PCM learns stradegy over time to compensate for engine wear, driving conditions, and even the driving habits of the operator. It can also learn about a weak or faulty sensor in the system and learn to compensate for it, within certain limits. A PCM is a "thinking" device that makes decisions, and can change it's mind, so to speak, to adjust to different situations. You can erase it's memory, and force the PCM back to it's original preset stradegies by disconnecting and waiting 5-10 minutes. But the PCM will be quick to relearn everything, and will turn the check engine light back on when and if it recognizes a problem. So you will have to find and correct whatever the trouble is that is making you want to "reset" the PCM.

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How do you set the timing on a 1996 Ford Thunderbird?

if it is a 4.6 v8 you dont it is controled by the ecm

How do you rest the computer on a 1996 Ford Escort?

If you mean reset the computer: remove the battery negative cable for a few minutes.If youhave security codes on the radio write them down before removing the cable. Replace the cable and the ECM should be reset.

How do you reset a Lincoln ls computer?

Unplug battery for 30 minutes then plug back on that will reset the ecm

How do I reset the ecm in a 1989 Chrysler new yorker 3.0l v6?

You can reset the ecm with a scan tool or by unhooking the battery.

Where is the location ecm on a 1996 Nissan maxima?

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Where is the ecm located on a 98 Ford Expedition?

Where is the ECM located on ford expidition 4.6

How do you reset the computer on a 1999 dodge 2500 cummins?

To reset the ECM remove the battery cable (s) for a few minutes. Replace cable. ECM has been reset.

How to reset ecm in 1995-1997 chevy tahoe with 5.7?

Just unhook the battery cables for 5 mins, That will reset the ECM

How to Reset the computer on a 2002 Mercury Cougar?

ECM reset for 2002 merc couger

Location of ecm in 2003 xlt ford explorer?

Where is the ecm on a 03 explorer

How do you reset the codes on a 2006 peterbilt?

Disconnect the battery for five to 20 minutes. This will reset the ECM.

Where is the ecm on a 1996 Toyota land cruiser?

location of the ecm on the Toyota land cruiser 93

How do you reset ECM 1989 Festiva?

Unplug you battery for 20 to 25 minutes that should reset you computer.

How do you reset the 1999 forester ecm?

Resetting the ECM on a 1999 Subaru Forester requires the car to be off. Disconnect the negative battery terminal for t seconds and reconnect it. The computer will now be reset.

Where is the ecm on a 1996 Ford F-350?

I Believe Passenger Side (RH) Lower console just ahead of the door at floor mat level.

Where is the ecm computer in a 1997 Ford Ranger?

The 1997 Ford Ranger ECM computer is located behind the dashboard. The computer will be on the passenger side of the passenger compartment.

Does the ECM on a 1996 Pontiac Grand Am have anything to do with the AC?


Do you reset ecm if you run a ford windstar out of fuel?

My experience, as recent as just 2 weeks ago, was to simply put a gallon of gas in and go. No special treatment/steps required

Will a 1996 firebird ecm work in a 1992 sunbird ecm?

1992 sunbird is obd1,1996 firebird is obd2.Will not work.

What is the Location Ecm on 93 f-150?

The 1993 Ford F1 50 ECM is located on the back of the transmission. The ECM will be near the bottom of the transmission.

How to reset ecm on M2 freightliner?

Disconnect the battery, keep it disconnected for five to 20 minutes, reconnect the battery.

Is there any other ford models ecm module that is compatible with a 1996 ford escort ecm?

It is difficult to say because in the year 96 they changed over from OBDI to an OBDII system. the 96 is the only 2nd generation Escort to use the OGDII system. In 97-02 they all use the OBDII system, but are third generation Escorts so it is doubtful if the ECM from one of these would fit a 96 Escort.

How do you reset the check engine light on your 96 camaro?

pull the ECM/PCM fuse for a few seonds then replace it. that should reset it

Would a 1990 Ford Taurus ecm computer work in a 1995 Ford Windstar van?


How do you adjust the speed governor on a Ford?

Need to reprogram the ECM.