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How do you reset the ECU on a Mitsubishi Carisma 1.8?


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July 09, 2009 8:09PM

First make sure the engine is warm (fe. by driving for a few minutes). Then disconnect you car battery (first the negative then the positive). Drain the rest of the system by 'turning on' some lamps, ignition, etc. They ofcourse will not turn on but they WILL deplete the rest capacity of some condensators. Now the ECU should have been cleared and reset. Reconnect the battery (first positive then negative). Then make sure you have NO electricity equipment (like airco, lamps, radio etc.) turned on. After that, start your engine but DO NOT throttle. In fact, do nothing but wait. Wait for about 15 min. You will notice the revs changing after some minutes. This is the ECU learning. Then after the 15 min. turn on the most heavily electricity equipment (airco, window heater, radio, lamps etc) and wait another 5 min. The ECU will learn how to rev the engine to give enough power to them. Then after that, just drive a few miles. You will notice that your car sometimes gives more or less power (while you are keeping the same throttle). This again is the ECU learning how to save energy. Now you are ready. The next couple of hundred miles the ECU will keep learning. Just drive as you normally would but also give the engine some power sometimes (don't drive like your grandma). This will make your car learn even better and therefore drive better.