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How do you reset the alarm system after changing a battery in a 1998 Subaru Legacy?

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2008-01-29 02:22:22

This problems occurs every time you have to replace your

battery. The local auto parts guys or neighborhood mechanic should

be able to help as well, a six pack goes along way. On my 98 Subie

wagon GT the Subaru Alarm module is located just above the fuse box

on the lower left side of the driver area. On a short lead you will

find a push button switch surrounded by a shroud, this should be

your reset button. Without the key in the ignition, locate this

switch. Then put the key in the ignition, turn the ignition to on,

passed Acc, (where just the radio comes on), everything should

light up, and with in 5 seconds push and hold the button until the

flashing stops. Turn the ignition off and the start normally.

If this works send me the six pack, (Shiner Bock or Miller

Lite), if not, try your local Firestone shop or mechanic. they have

to do this almost every time they work on a car.

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