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How do you reset the alarm system in a car if it shut down the car?


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The easiest way to reset your car alarm system is to remove the car alarm system fuse. You can also remove the positive cable from the battery. In both cases return the component to its original position after 10 seconds.


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The system is disarmed by unlocking either door with the key or by turning the ignition on. Alarm shut down is accomplished only by unlocking either door with the key.

disconnect the battery to shut off/reset

if you have a factory will need a power remote to reset the alarm. or you can reset the alarm be using the key in any of the door locks or in the rear hatch lock . just cycle the key to the unlock position to shut alarm off. to reset alarm to armed use the door lock power switch to lock the door then shut door and alarm will reset to on .

how to disarm factory alarm from the subaru forester 2004 minutes automatically shut down the whole system of vehicles turnover won't start

Viper Car Alarms will also shut the engine down.

If it is a factory alarm then shut all the doors, and use the key to lock and unlock all the doors.

If your anti - theft system is sounding (horn honking/lights flashing) you can shut it off by pressing the panic button on your key fob.

No reset buttons. Is Likely a bad battery or charging system failure. The EFI system requires a specific amount of voltage for it to function, If not the engine will shut off and will not restart until the battery is charged/jumped and/or charging system is restored.

If the alarm is sounding (horn honking/lights flashing) you push the panic button on your key fob to shut it off. The alarm is disarmed when you unlock your door(s) by using the key, keyless entry pad, or the unlock button on your key fob.

There isn't a button. The engine computer controls the system with relays.

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Unlock and lock your driver side door and see if the alarm is reset!

Insert the correct key into the ignition switch and start the engine. That should shut the alarm off.

The method for reseting this alarm system sounds a little goofy. But, here is how I have to reset mine: While sitting in the drivers seat, open the passenger door and leave it opened. Turn the key off and on to the accessory position five times. Open and close the driver's door three times. Shut the passenger door.

The big box you refer to is called the body computer. It is located on the drivers side behind the dash. You can not shut off the alarm or remove the alarm system if it is a factory installed system. You must find the problem and repair it.

I have a convertible and had this problem. Fixed when i put the key in the driver side door and locked and unlocked it. It reset the alarm. Hope this helps.

The GSM car alarm will also shut your car down if you tell it too and if you know when it needs to be shut down. The Viper Car Alarm company has a wide variety of car alarms that also shut down the car. These are also called car immobilisers. They come in a range of prices that will meet your needs. There are other companies who also make car immobilisers, however the Viper brand of immobilisers seems to consistently receive the best feedback.

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To shut off the alarm u need to stick the key in the trunk and turn it this will turn off the alarm

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