How do you reset the check engine light on 2006 Toyota after the 5000 mile oil change?

It should not be a "Check Engine" light, it should be the "Maintenance Required" light. With your key in the OFF position, push in and hold the odometer button. Turn the key to the ON position, the odometer will display 000000 after a couple of seconds. at this time, the maintenance light has been reset. This light comes on approximately every 5000 miles to indicate time for an oil change. If you change the oil yourself, just remember to reset the light even if it is not coming on. This will also work for a 2006 Toyota Corolla.

The odometer will need to be in the odomoter (ODO) mode, not a trip odomoter, for this proceedure to work on newer Toyota's. This did work on a 2008 Tacoma.