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I don't know if this will work on this perticular car but it works on a bunch. Press the set button and change the hours by pressing the seek button and the minutes by pressing the scan button. Try it.

Assuming you have the Philips RC600 system, here are the instructions (quoted directly from the manual):

  • Press INIT key for at least 2 seconds (until you hear a beep) to enter the Initialisation mode.
  • Press (UP) or (DOWN) to select TIME
  • Press AST key to select 12H or 24H.
  • Press (UP) key:

- Display shows: e.g. '00:00' (24 hour format) / 'AM 12:00' (12 hour format) - Hour digit starts flashing

  • Press AST key to adjust the hour setting, same for minute.
  • Press (UP) key to switch to minute setting, and press (DOWN) key to return to hour setting.
  • Press INIT key until you hear a beep to leave the initialisation mode
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Q: How do you reset the clock in the radio in a 2000 Daewoo Nubira CDX?
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