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If the radio is factory installed you should find two small holes on the right hand side of the radio with a H and a M under them. Turn the radio on and punch with a ball point pen in the H for the hour and M for the minutes. Hope this help.

If you do not find the H and M listed above you will need to use the instructions in the next paragraph.

The radio display must be showing the time, if not, press the SEL button. 1. Press the SET button and "P" will be displayed. 2. Press the SEL button and the hour will be displayed. 3. Rotate the tuning knob to change the hour setting. If you have a tuning button, push the button up or down to change the setting. 4. Press the SEL button again to display minutes. 5. Rotate tuning knob or press tuning button to change the minute setting. 6. Press the SEL button one more time to complete procedure.

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Q: How do you reset the clock on a 1993 Plymouth Acclaim?
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