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To what I've know that,

1. Removed your MMC card first.

2. Make sure you have at least 3/4 charge of battery before performing the

" Safe Mode, and follow-by phone reset *#7370# ". Or maybe you can have the

charger on and plugged into the phone to act as a full power source.

3. Press and hold the ABC key and then press the power button.

Remember not to release the ABC key till you seen the

"Safe Mode" standby screen.

(Fyi, there's no special indicator that telling yo're on a "Safe Mode"

standby screen.)

4. Once in the "Safe Mode" stanby screen press *#7370# to carry-out "Phone Reset"


5. Once "Phone Reset" task completed and back to normal standby screen again,

switch off your phone and re-insert your MMC card.

If any error showing on the phone boot-up, please have the memory card formatted and by next phone

start-up you will not have the error msg again.

If you some important data or programs files on your MMC card, please use

a card reader to have them copied onto a PC before performing memory card



Basically, the abc trick, i think, means that when your phone doesn't start up

anymore because of a system error, you keep the abc button pressed, and it will

start up...


type *#7370# and enter security code (standart 12345).

Make sure the phone is charged or pluged in and don't remove the cell.

The format will take several minutes.

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Q: How do you reset the code on a Nokia 3650?
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