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Resetting the computer is easy. Just disconnect the battery. Reprogramming the computer afterwards is the expensive thing. To the best of my knowledge the only way to reprogram your computer is to take it to a VW Authorized Dealer. Normally the vehicle will run if you reset the computer, but emissions, alarm setting, radio can be negatively effected by not reprogrammed.

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Q: How do you reset the computer on a 2000 VW Beetle?
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How do you reset the computer on 2000 vw beetle?

Ctrl, Alt, Del twice

How can a 2004 VW beetle bug computer be reset?

To reset the ECM on a 2004 VW Beetle an diagnostic tool should be used. Plugging the unit directly to the diagnostic tool will allow a user to directly reset the computer.

How do you reset the computer on an 04 VW beetle?

This is a dealership issue. You'll have to take it in.

How do you reset the oil and brake light in a 1999 VW Beetle?

There is nothing to "reset" for the 1999 VW Beetle.

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Where is the computer on a 2000 vw new beetle located?

inside the top of the dashboard, on the drivers side

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How do you reset the radio in a 2002 vw beetle?

The easiest way to reset your 2002 VW Beetle radio is to remove the radio fuse. Keep the radio fuse out for 10 seconds and replace it to its original slot.

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i have the code for the radio reset but i dont know how can you tell me

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How much does a 1971 VW Super Beetle weight?

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What is the wheel bolt pattern for a 2000 vw beetle?

5X100 14mm

Where is the computer in the 2000 vw beetle?

This is the answer ...when you take the plastics off you will see a silver box like...

How much does it cost to fill up a volkswagen beetle?

i have a VW beetle 2000 and it costs $60 to fill up

Why won't your 2000 VW Beetle car alarm stop going off when you are no where near it?

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What do you think of guys with 2000 vw beetle?

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Will you lose all coolant when changing thermostat on 2000 VW beetle?


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What is the fuel pump pressure for 2000 vw beetle 2.0 lit?

The proper fuel pressure for 2000 VW Beetle 2.0 is 44 psig. The pressure per square inch while the engine running is 39 .

How do you change a heater core on a 2000 vw beetle?

To change a heater core on a 2000 VW Beetle, unplug the Jetta's negative battery cable and drain the engine coolant. Next, connect the negative battery cable.

How many mpg does a 2000 VW Beetle get?

I average 30 mpg in my 2000 Beetle GLS (manual). That's averaged out for both city and highway driving.

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It is important to have the right windshield wipers on a car. A 2000 Volkswagen Beetle has 21 inch long windshield wipers.

How do you reset the front brake pads worn sensor on a 2002 VW beetle?

Disconnecting the battery may reset the brake pad worn sensor light on a 2002 VW Beetle. Another thing to check is the harness, if it is not plugged in after installing brake pads the sensor light will go on.