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I found that my wipers stopped working after I tried to turn them on after a ice condition. The answer was that the wipers are omounted to a tapered fitting and all it needed was to tighted the nut outside at the base of the wiper arm. HOPE THIS HELPS........

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โˆ™ 2006-04-02 02:08:49
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Q: How do you reset the front wipers on a Hyundai Sante Fe after it has stopped working due to icing?
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The 2004 Hyundai Sante Fe takes a 22" drivers side, 20" passenger side and a 13" rear wiper. See sources and related links below for more information. Since there are over 22 different wiper arm attachments, do not buy wipers just by length only. Be sure to lookup exact wiper blade part numbers by vehicle make, model and year for the brand wiper you decide to purchase. This ensures correct length AND correct attachment.

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