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button in trunk

  • I'm not positive on the Lincoln, but the reset button is often found in the left side of the trunk near the left tail-light assembly or the left rear wheel-well. It may be under the overhang of the body and not immediately visible.
Answerthe fuel shut off switch needs to be reset, there is a button in the trunk on the side (may have to move carpet), if it is a truck it is under the dash.
  • In my 1984 Lincoln, the switch is in the trunk, on the left side, behind the vertical grey lining, mounted on a vertical steel panel, next to the left trunk hinge. The 1984 Owners Manual says that to reset it, all you have to do is to push DOWN on the white-button on top. (Sometimes the button is yellow.)
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2011-09-12 21:12:14
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Q: How do you reset the fuel pump on a 1995 Lincoln?
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