How do you reset the low tire light on a Buick Century?

1. First, you need to correct the problem that caused the light to come on. Either replace the flat tire, or check and correct your air pressure in your tires. The tire pressure monitoring system will active the "low tire light" if the pressure in one of the tires is 12 psi lower than the other tires. Failure to correct the problem before resetting the system will damage the tire pressure monitoring system and cause it to not work correctly. You also have to reset the system when you buy new tires or when you disconnect the vehicle's battery.

2. Remove the fuse panel cover, located on the right hand side of the dash (you have to open the front right hand passenger door). It comes off easily, it is held in place by three spring clips. Be careful when pulling this off, that you don't disengage the spring clips from the panel door, because they will fly off into the dash, and you won't be able to get them out. Replacement clips are about 70 cents each at the Buick dealer, but they will only sell them in a bag of 20, so do the math. Lose the clips, it will cost you about $16 with tax to replace them. I know because I did this :(

3. Start your car, and with the engine idling, locate the RESET button on the fuse panel where you've removed the fuse panel cover. It's a red button, the first one on the top row of the fuse block. Press and hold the RESET button for five seconds. The "low tire" light should come on and flash three times, then go out. If it doesn't, you'll have to take your car to the dealer or other repair shop for service.

4. Replace the fuse panel cover, and you're good to go! BTW, this information is on pages 6-42 and 6-43 of your Owner's Manual.