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I can reset my 2002 Tire Pressure light with the following step: 1. turn the ignition key from Acc to on then back to Acc twice. 2. turn your head light switch on and off three times. This should reset the warning light. The change oil light can be reset by pressing on the gas peddle three times in place of the headlight switch.

I would hate to say this but you cannot. The computer for the cars memory is in the factory radio. What I have found that you need to do when installing any other radio other than the factory is have a separate wire harness either running under the passenger seat, you will need to run the wiring under the center console, or as I have seen others do is run it to the trunk but to do this you do have to remove the spare tire and place there. I placed mine under my passenger seat, having to raise the seat up slightly. So whenever I need to clear any warning light, whether the tire pressure, or oil, or even something like changing the unlock sequence or wireless key entry, all I have to do is reach under the passenger seat.

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I saw this on YouTube and it worked for my 04 SS Monte Carlo

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Q: How do you reset the low tire pressure light in a 2000 Monte Carlo SS with a aftermarket radio?
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How do you reset the low tire light on your 2003 Monte Carlo if it has an aftermarket CD player?

Check and adjust air pressure to specs in all the tires and it will set itself after a few miles of driving.

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How do you take a rheostat out of a 2003 monte carlo

What does it mean when security light comes on 2004 Monte Carlo?

i have a 2004 chevy monte carlo and the service engine soon light is on what does it mean?

How do you replace brake light switch in Chevy Monte Carlo?

Changing the brake light switch in your Chevrolet Monte Carlo is quite simple. The brake light switch simply plugs in and out.

How can you get a owners manual for 2000 Monte Carlo ss?

How do turn off low tire pressure light in my message center??

How do you replace fog light bulb of Monte Carlo?

To replace fog light bulb of Monte Carlo you must remove the entire assembly. Replace the bulb that has been hindered and replace the assembly.

How do you reset the security light on your 2002 Monte Carlo?

Have a 1995 Chevy Monte Carlo and low coolant light is flashing?

Check your coolant level...

Where is the trunk light bulb located in a 2001 Chevy Monte Carlo?

in the trunk

Does a 97 Monte Carlo have a low fuel light?

No it does not, atleast not the 97 SS

How do you get the anti lock light off on a 1995 Chevy Monte Carlo?

chech the fuses......

Why is red warning brake light for 1998 Monte Carlo on?

check your break fluid.

Why is your check engine light on your 2003 Monte Carlo?

get the computer scanned to find out what the problem is.

Where is1980 Monte Carlo brake light fuse?

It should be in the fusebox with the rest of the fuses.

What does the Engine HOt AC dash light mean on your 2006 Monte Carlo?


How can you diagnos ABS light on in 1995 Monte Carlo Z34?

The tool required to pinpoint diagnose the ABS issues in the 1995 Monte Carlo Z34 is a $4000 diagnostic tool. The garage will charge you $100 for the scan.

Why is a Red light blinking next to the cassette player in my 2001 Monte Carlo?

This is the light for your security system. Shows that it is working.

What keeps the interior light on in a 1998 Monte Carlo?

Very possible a door switch is defective.

How do you change the third brake light bulb in a 1995 Chevy Monte Carlo Z34?


Why would blinkers on a 1986 Monte Carlo fail?

the wiring is probally defected or the light is burned out

How do you change the transvacumm modulator on a 1999 3.1 LS Monte Carlo?

The 1999 Monte Carlo has a 4T65E transmission that has no vacuum modulator, This transmission uses an EPC solenoid to control pressure, and commonly goes bad causing a harsh 1-2 upshift, pump whine and a check engine light with code P1811, max adapt.

Why would a 1997 Monte Carlo check engine light remain on?

have vehicle scanned to determine the problem

What would cause the dash light not to work on a 1996 Monte Carlo?

instrument cluster is shorted out or corroded

How do you reset the low tire pressure light in a 2005 Monte Carlo LT?

In a 2000 to reset the low tire pressure light, first make sure the tires are properly inflated and then to reset the light pull the head light switch from off to parking lights and back to off 3 times. Otherwise it will say it your owners manual.

What is wrong on a 1997 Monte Carlo if the volt warning light came on then the rest of the dash warning lights came on then the car lost all power?

I also have a 1997 Monte Carlo LS 3.1 and I've had the same problem. It was the alternator.

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How do you shut off the 'low tire' pressure light on a 2000 Monte Carlo SS?

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