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How do you reset the maintenance light on 1991 Jeep Wrangler 4.0L?


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You must use the DRB II connector and a computer that has EMR reset capabilities. the connector is close to the master cylinder. good luck.

The 1991 Wrangler may be reset by removing the POSITIVE connection from the battery and grounding it to the negative connection or disconnecting the POSITIVE terminal for 30 minutes. (either way will drain the capicitors in the electrical system)


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Try this: turn the ignition switch to the run position without starting the engine. Fully depress and release the accelerator pedal 3 times within 5 seconds.

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Listed in your owner's manual. Next to the maintenance required light, you should see a small slot with a button in it. Stick your ignition key into the slot and hold it in for about 10 seconds. When you start your car, the light should be green, indicating that it has been reset. The maintenance light will turn orange automatically the next time that the mileage reaches one of Honda's recommended maintenance intervals.

The maintenance light on all early model hondas have three stages. Green, orange and then red. This light only serves as a reminder to change your oil, air filter and to do other routine maintenance. If you were to service the vehicle and not reset the light it would just stay on. It changes color by miles. It's green when it is reset and as you drive it will eventually change to orange and then red regardless of any services done to the vehicle. To reset look on the instrument panel for a slot near the light and insert your key this will change it back to green.

So what is the question about your 1991 Wrangler horn?

To reset the service CCR light on a 1991 Eldorado, disconnect the battery for 10 minutes. Reconnect it and start the car.

the dealer should of reset it when they did the service. To reset the maintenance required button, insert your key into the slot next to the required maintenance button on the dash and push it in. It will reset the button to "green".

No, can also be reset by unhooking the battery. but there is no point, since without the repair it will be back on in 25 miles unless the issue was fixed. It can be something minor or serious, so have the code read to find out what it is.

There is no reset for a check gauges light. If the light is on, there is a problem either with the temperature oil pressure or voltage.

for engine light, easy way is disconnect the battery cable for 5 minutes then reconnect.or have a shop do it for you. if your talking about a maintenance light to reset. turn key to run, engine off. pump the gas pedal 3-5 times slowly,the light turns off.

The 1991 Wrangler had 15 inch wheels, the bolt pattern was 5X4.5

Have vehicle scanned to determine the problem

Not exactly. The body styles are different. A 1991 Jeep Wrangler is a YJ as a 1999 is a TJ. t

turn the key to activate the power but not start the ignition, do this a handfull of times. The check engine light should blink a specific number of times, this can be referenced to identify the problem, after this happens the light should turn off until you have another problem! There's a difference between the "check engine" light and the "engine maintenance required" light (aka "Emission Maintenance Reminder" or EMR light). The EMR light is strickly a reminder that emission system maintenance is due. This includes the EGR valve, PCV valve, & Oxygen sensor. It is program to light at approximately 60,000, 82,500, & 120,000 miles. Because its activated by mileage, it does not necessarily mean that something has malfuction. Unfortunately, the only way to reset it is by using a diagnostic scan tool. Of course, you could always remove the bulb.

A 1991 Jeep Wrangler uses DOT 3 brake fluid.

Yes, 1986 to 1995 tops are interchangeable!

No, they are a different bolt pattern.

i think you cannot reset, you need to buy a new air bag ecu

Yes those are the same model of wrangler, the top will fit just fine.

Disconnect the negative battery cable from the battery, wait a few minutes then reconnect it. But, if the reason the light came on isn't fixed, the light will only come back on again.

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