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How do you reset the maintenance required light in a 1997 Acura RL?


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How to reset maintenace light on 1999 acura t l 3.2

reminder to change oil you can reset it by inserting your key its actually pretty useless

press the reset and select switch at same, turn ign. key to II (On) and wait 10 seconds

Depending on the mileage on the car, there are some maintenance requirements to be done by you, or the car dealer. The maintenance light will stay "on" until these maintenace issues are completed. Your owner's manual also tells you how to reset the maintenance light, and outlines the maintenance required per the mileage on the car.

To reset Maintenance light, switch key to on position, do not start. Press select and reset buttons at same time for about 15 to 20 seconds, then switch key off. If reset occured, the light will go off when you restart engine. If not, repeat process. Took three time for me.

Not quite sure how to do it manually, but if you spend the extra couple of dollars to go to a Acura dealer they will reset all the warning lights on the vehicle.

The maintenance light,You will need to take it to a Dodge dealer to reset it. Or get a DBR-2 code scanner.BIG $$$

Are you implying they are all the same? BClear.

reset switch by Honda or acura part number 07paz-oo10100

The maintenance required light requires a scan tool to be reset.

How do you reset the maintenance required light in the 2011Toyota RAV4 with a smart key starting system

To reset "MAINTENANCE REQUIRED" light, turn ignition off, press and hold the SELECT and RESET buttons. Turn ignition and hold buttons for 10 seconds until the indicator resets. works on 2003 mdx for sure.

Go to Autozone or Advance They will reset it for free.

Usually your oil needs changing. You have to reset the light yourself. Look in manual it will show how to reset it.

To reset the maintenance required warning light on a 1989 Dodge Dakota, unhook the battery connector cables for 10 minutes. Reconnect them and start the vehicle.

With the engine and ignition off push and hold in the odometer reset button. While holding that button in, turn on the ignition but do not start the engine. After about 5 seconds the light will go off and the maintenance required light will have been reset.

How do you reset the maintenance light on a 2001 Honda accord ex I found some options at

There is a small square button underneath the dash just to the right of the steering collumn. With the key in the ignition, in the off position, press the button for 7-10 seconds, then turn the key to ACC. This should reset the maintenance required light. It is a gimmick to get you to take your vehicle to the dealership so they make money off of you for resetting it.

Turn key to position 2 and hold select and reset together for 10 secounds

Put the key in the ignition without turning. Push the odometer/speedometer reset button and keep your finger on it while turning the key on accessories. Wait a few seconds and light should go off.

Take it to a mechanic or the dealer and pay 45 bucks. Or use the reset button on the right of the steering wheel like you use to fix after you get a oil change. Hold reset for 10 seconds. Read your manual!

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