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you should be able to just disconnect the battery for about 15 minutes and then connect it back up and it should make the light reset and go off. It worked for me at least

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Q: How do you reset the maintenance required light on a 1999 Dodge 3500 with a 5.9 engine?
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What does the checking engine light and maintenance light?

The check engine light comes on when the ECU detects a problem with the emission system. The maintenance required light comes on when some maintenance is required on the vehicle such as an oil/filter change.

Reset maintenance required light 92 Dodge Dakota?

aperantly take the light out

Reset the maintenance required light on 08 Toyota rav 4?

maintenance with engine

How do you reset the Maintenance Required Warning Light on a 89 Dodge Dakota?

To reset the maintenance required warning light on a 1989 Dodge Dakota, unhook the battery connector cables for 10 minutes. Reconnect them and start the vehicle.

How do you reset the engine maintenance light on a 1987 dodge ramcharger?

With a scan tool.

Why would the engine light go on your 2007 Toyota corolla?

Depends on which light you are referring to. The "Check Engine" light comes on when there is a problem with the emissions system. The "Maintenance Required Light" comes on when scheduled maintenance is required as outlined in your owners manual.

How do reset the check engine light after an oil change on a 07 Toyota Camry?

Check engine light or required maintenance light. Procedure for resetting required maintenance light just answered. Check engine light requires an OBD II to determine problem and turn the light off.

What does maintenance required light on 1992 Honda accord mean?

The Maintenance Required Light is not the same as the Check Engine Light. The Maintenance Required Light is telling you that there is scheduled maintenance that needs to be performed. It may mean it needs an oil/filter change. To find out what needs to be done look at the maintenance schedule in your owner's manual.

How do you reset the maintenance engine light on a 1987 Dodge truck?

That requires a scan tool.

How do you reset the warning light maintenance required on a 1990 Dodge Dakota?

That requires a scan tool.

How do you reset the maintenance required light on a 1992 Dakota 5.2L?

The maintenance light,You will need to take it to a Dodge dealer to reset it. Or get a DBR-2 code scanner.BIG $$$

Engine maintenance required message on a Saturn sl2?

chec all fluids my have engine light reseted

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