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You need to hold the odometer button down for about 5 seconds when you turn the key from off (position 0) to accessory (prosition 1). When you first turn the key, you will see "test 1", don't let go of the odometer button until the display changes to show "reset". Once you see "reset", let the odometer button up, then press and hold it again for about 5 seconds until the "reset" starts flashing. Once it is flashing, let up on the odometer button then press it one more time. Now you should see a message that says "END SIA" and your oil service light should be reset. This worked for me on my 2001 330i.

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โˆ™ 2006-05-14 15:02:38
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Q: How do you reset the oil service light manually on a 2001 BMW 325CI you try to hold the odometer key but it always says test 01 or test 20?
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